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We import and sell original Qvevri from Georgia.

Our mission is to support the craft of traditionally handmade Qvevri from Georgia.

About Me

Degreed engineer Berthold Seitz, owner and founder of Oenocert. After I graduated with a degree in viticulture and oenology from the University of Geisenheim, my path led me to a company which shares my name – Seitz Filterwerke in Bad Kreuznach, where I worked as an engineer in application technology. This was followed by 10 years as a vineyard manager, mainly in Zimbabwe and southern Austria. After returning to Germany, I took on tasks as a production and operations manager in the southern Palatinate. During these years I gained sustainable experience in certification and management systems as well as organizational development. Six years ago, I specialized as an international consultant for all cultivation-related, oenological, strategic and organizational questions in the wine industry. Consulting assignments followed in Zimbabwe, Romania and Georgia. Most recently from 2016 to 2019 I was sent to Georgia by the German Ministry for International Development and Cooperation (BMZ). As a consultant, I reported directly to the head of the wine institute at the Ministry of Agriculture and was responsible for the development of a long-term strategy.

During this time, I was fascinated by the wide range of possibilities offered by the making of wine in Qvevri amphoras, which is the traditional Georgian style of wine-making. Research on quality improvement in the production of Qvevri, supported by my friend Beka Gotsadze, a founding member of the “Organic Wine Producers’ Association” in Georgia, brought me in contact with the Mamuka Mumladze family as my Qvevri supplier. I would like to continue to support the almost extinct craft of Qvevri production. I therefore offer interested wine-makers the opportunity to try wine-making in Qvevri. I am happy to advise on the process. 

The Qvevri Projekt

A Georgian tradition: Qvevri, Kvevri or Kwevri

6000 years ago, the oldest wine making method in Qvevri was created in today´s region of the southern Caucasus. The production of this traditional amphora has been preserved as a craft, especially in Georgia. The Qvevri are still handcrafted in several steps as they were thousands of years ago. Various types of clay are mixed with each other in order to guarantee a dense and stable fusion of the minerals, quartz and feldspar during the firing process. During the moulding and drying process, which can take several days, the Qvevri already loses up to 15-20% of its moisture. In the following five-day firing process temperatures of 1100°C are reached in stages. The firing is still done the traditional way with wood. After a slow cool down, the Qvevri shrinks again by about 7% and weighs about 25% less. The oven is opened at around 80°C and the inside of the Qvevri is sealed with beeswax. From then on, they can be used without restriction. They behave similarly in their every day use to older wooden barrels. Ensure absolute hygiene: a wet preservation is essential if the Qvevri are not filled with wine for a long time. Depending on their storage time in the amphora and type, the wines can take on an amber colour. The odour opens up profound scents of golden raisins and hay notes. Depending on the ripening time, the intense aromas are smoothed, tannin-dominated and influenced by mature terpenes.

Since 2018 Oenocert has imported traditionally produced, high-quality Qvevri from Georgia. In order to guarantee good quality and a long-life span, I currently import Qvevri up to a maximum of 300 litres volume.

Georgian Qvevri

Georgian Qvevri are particularly suitable for the production of orange or amber wine.

Depending on the time of maturation in a Qvevri, the wines develop an intense tannin-flavoured aroma. If unfiltered, the addition of sulphites can be dispensed with.

Free-standing up to 300 litres with base-frame

  • We support our customers in questions of handling and cleaning
  • We take on necessary maintenance measures
  • We supply accessories such as lids, base-frames, sealing materials
  • We guarantee no leaks

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